It was second spring with lockdown and no international travel. However, the spring 2021 has been really busy for us leading weekend trips for estonians as well as carrying out different field surveys.  Although I did missed guiding, I cant say it was a boring spring. Below you can see some of the highlight moments I was fortunate to witness during this spring.
Aerial offshore bird survey in mid February. Small part of the enormous Long-tailed Duck flock consisting of 27.000 birds.  Photo  by Tarvo Valker
It was really hard to miss the Eurasian Pygmy Owl this season. Brief field work effort in early March produced sightings of 5 pairs at Leidissoo NR in a single weekend.  Eurasian Pygmy Owl, March 2021, photo by Tarvo Valker.
In March and April we led several family trips to see lekking Black Grouse and they did perform really well. March 2021, photo by Tarvo Valker

First but not last Wolf sighting of the spring. I managed to see Wolf three times at two different locations being my best Wolf season so far. Photo taken by my client Piret Rabakukk. 

In April I was busy with looking for Lesser White-fronted Goose.  I found single Swedish re-introduction bird and also spent two days with Fennoscandian main flock (75 birds this spring) on Hiiumaa island. 

Lesser White-fronted Goose feeding at regular stopover site on Hiiumaa island.  Hiiumaa island,  April 2021. Photo by Tarvo Valker.

A single Swedish Lesser White-front at Silma NR. April 2021, photo by Tarvo Valker.

The best self-found bird in April was a Red Kite. Although clearly spreading, the species is still uncommon in Estonia. It was only my 3rd self-found Red Kite in Estonia and also county tick.

Migrating Red Kite near Silma NR. The same bird were seen at Spithami seawatching point 2 hours later. Photo by Tarvo Valker.

In early May I had short 5 dayx family-birding holiday on Hiiumaa island.  Fabulous birding and spectacular visible migration to witness. Highlights being success twitch of the Estonian 2nd Rock Thrush, while self founds included White-billed Diver, Pallid Harrier, Hoopoe and Ringed Ouzel.  
Male Rock Thrush. Second for Estonia. Hiiumaa island, May 2021. Photo by Tarvo Valker

White-billed Diver - adult in breeding plumage. Hiiumaa island, May 2021. Photo by Tarvo Valker