Invitation to the "Bird Race Haapsalu"

We would like to invite all birders and nature lovers to participate in „Bird Race Haapalu” which takes place as part of Läänemaa Bird Festival.

Unlike the other bird races in Estonia the goal of the teams in „Bird Race Haapsalu” is to be the first one to find a certain number of bird species. The species found are registered to the application made specially for the race. As the application shows real time results of all the teams, the race offers even more excitement.

In order to make participation fun for birdwatchers with different levels of experience, every team gets to choose one of the two goals – 60 and 120 species. Both Estonian and foreign teams are welcome to take part of the race.

To pariticipate in „Bird Race Haapsalu”, you have to form the team of 2-5 members and register your team by the 1st of May via e-mail:

There is a participation fee of 15 euros per team.

The area for the race is Haapsalu with its current boundaries (including Haapsalu town and the former Ridala Parish). Bird race takes place on 19th of May from 5 a.m. to noon.

The summaries of the race and awarding will take place next to Haeska birdwatching tower at 2 p.m.


1. All the teams should register their teams by 1st of May, 2018.

2. Team size is 2-5 members.

3. More than a half of the team members must register (see or hear) each species.

4. Playbacks are not allowed, self-made calls (whistling etc.) are allowed.

5. The winner of the race is the team who is the first on to get the list of:

  • 60 species (in the easier category)

  • 120 species (in the more difficult catogory)

If none of the teams gain that result, the winner in the respective category will be the team with the longest bird list by noon.

Invitation to the "Bird race Haapsalu 2019"